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Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees

With lots of plum trees, a sheep or two, a kangaroo...

sunny 25 °C

Finished off my last day in Australia by walking along the Sydney harbour and Botanic gardens all morning and having some amazing fish and chips overlooking the Sydney Opera House this afternoon. Had lots of time to reflect on my last week in Australia and how lucky I was to spend it with the great friends I did.

The last day in Airlie Beach was spent on a sailing boat that we took out to the Whitsunday Islands where I got to try out Scuba Diving for the first time in the Great Barrier Reef. Despite the rough ocean ride to and from the diving site, the day was really enjoyable. Got to scuba with some really cool fish and see some amazing coral! The following day was the last day that Aussie, Freeze, and I would spend together as Aussie had to fly back to Canberra to go to University. The girls surprised me that night with a fabulous birthday dinner complete with a meal out at the Outback bar and grill, the coolest birthday cake ever (full of Australian Lollies), and some Australian gifts to accompany the great evening. Great way to spend my 2t3rd! After seeing Aussie off to the airport, Freeze and I started the road trip back down the coast . 2 1/2 days of driving, we saw alot of Australia in a short time. Byron Bay, Brisbane, and Port Macquarie were just a few of my favorite cities. We then made it to Sydney where I said goodbye to Freeze. What a great road trip it has been! Lots of stories to be shared!

I'm now off to Fiji for a few days before slowly making my way back to Canada. Although im excited to see all my friends and family back in canada, I am going to miss all the travelling, exploring, Aussie friends, and funny stories! Its been a ball Australia!!

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Fair Dinkum Mate!

From Chukkin U'ies, Sleeping in Swags, and Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef!

sunny 27 °C

Sitting here under a full moon in Airlie Beach and loving Australia! Haven't been able to write the blog as much as I would like because we have been travelling the great outback tenting along the coastline and haven't had access to internet or power very often. We have put on around 4000 kilometers so far and haven't even started our return trip home.

Since my last post in Fraser Island we have seen some incredible sites and i am so fortunate to see these amazing places with such great friends! The weather hasn't always cooperated with us on our trip but it definitely adds to the stories! There are so many things that we have experienced but I will cover a few of the highlights thus far.

One of our stops was at Capricorn Caves where we tried out adventure caving. A 2 1/2 hour adventure through the smallest tunnels you can imagine. Some of the holes were so small that we had to take off our helmets first and pass them through then put our hands above our heads and snake our way through the hole. I got stuck countless times but had such a blast. Another fun adventure we have experienced was some amazing natural waterslides. We played on these natural rock slides all morning!

Besides great adventures I have been lucky enough to experience some rare and spectacular Aussie wildlife. One rainy day we went on a bush walk where platypus have been seen which are apparently a very rare animal and we were lucky enough to spot a few frolicking in the water! Too cool! I also got to cuddle a koala and hold the coolest wombat ever! I love wombats!

Today was another amazing day.... we have made it to the Whitesunday Islands and we went on an ocean rafting tour out to the reef to go snorkelling. Best coral I have seen in my life and the funnest and wildest boat ride of my life.

All in all it has been a really amazing trip with so many stories I'm excited to tell people in person! Going to try and arrange some scuba diving before we start our trip back to Sydney.

Miss you all on Canada and hope you are having a great summer!

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The Land Down Under!

In Australia and having a ball!

rain 10 °C

After no posts for a while I finally have a bit of service and will post a quick blog! I arrived in Sydney a few days back and was greeted by my two good friends Aussie and Freeze who drove me back to Aussie's house where we would spend a few nights before hitting the road up the east coast of Australia. It was so great to see them again and to meet their families who so kindly welcomed me into their homes!

We spent the next day packing up their land rover with all the essentials for our epic road trip up the coast. This included boogie boards, swags, food, flippers, and a fridge! Can't even see out the back window. We then had a chance to go for coffee with so other people I worked with at camp... spirit and bear! Day finished off with a taste of the Australian farm life. Got to feed her baby lambs, check the sheep, feed the horses, and other great stuff. Lots to do on their farm on a daily basis.

The next morning bright and early we hit the road to start our trip. Its actuall road.y quite chilly here in Australia at the moment so I had to buy a sweater before I could fully function. We are slowly making our way north up the coast stopping in at any sites along the way that look of interest and camp out near the ocean at night. Our first major stop was at Rainbow Beach where we took a trip across to Fraser Island which is the worlds largest sand island. While over at Fraser island we saw many wild dingos, swam in fresh water lakes and streams, and saw a neat shipwreck. We even spur the moment took a 8 seater plane up over the island to get a birds eye view which was amazing. Even saw whales from above!

Tonight is a bit rainy and chilly where we are camping so we will continue to head north tomorrow. Have seen wallabies, kangaroos, dingos, whales, snakes, and much more in the wild. A favorite road trip game is translating what each other is saying...they think my accent is hilarious and I can't understand what they are saying half the time! I will make a Australian dictionary blog when I can!!

Well I will try to write a decent blog when I can find some good internet which is really hard here. All is great and I love the messages from home!
Sorry for the short undescriptive blog.

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The Winding Road that Leads to Pai

Thailand coming to an end

semi-overcast 25 °C

762 needle nose turns in the road along highway 1095 and we finally make it to the small sleepy town of Pai which is near the Myanmar border in the north of Thailand. Our "Vomit Comit" bus took its victims along the winding mountain road but we were finally in Pai. Pai is a town that I instantly fell in love with. We only are in Pai for 24 hours so it has been a quick trip to this sleepy bohemian village. The village is filled with dogs, Rasta locals, and food shops to satisfy any of your food cravings. We ate dinner at a place called the "witching well"...excellent food with a very unique decor. While there isn't much to do in Pai, I think that is the beauty of it. The afternoon was filled with exploring the streets, shops and riverside while my morning consisted of a beautiful walk through the countryside watching the farmers plant rice. Even had to buy some dog treats to give my new dog friends who followed me on my 2 hour,morning stroll. Mike on the other hand wasn't as sold on the place filled with "lazy hippies who do nothing all day" so he opted to try his hand at Muay Thai training this morning instead. Hopefully that was a little more up to his speed. In a few hours we make our way back to Chiang Mai for our last couple of days. We have a morning cooking class planned and then we fly back to Bangkok to catch our international flights.

Thailand has been an amazing part of the journey and I'm sure I will be back one day. Pumped for the next leg in Australia where I will be meeting up with some great camp friends to explore the east coast of Australia.

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How I Ended Up in the Chiang Mai Women's Prison

sunny 32 °C

Okay so its not how it sounds. I actually went and found the women's prison in Chiang Mai because I heard the prisoners give great massages. Yes I know the whole thing sounds a little strange, getting some inmate who got locked up for who knows what to have free reign over twisting and pounding on your limbs. The whole concept was a little too overwhelming for Mike so I headed on my way solo. After getting slightly lost, I finally found some prison guards who pointed me in the direction of where I could get a massage. The ladies are on a work to release type program so the prison trains the ladies how to give massages and once they get released from jail they will get the money from the massages they have given while behind bars and have skills to support themselves upon release. Great concept I think. I enter in to the massage room which surprisingly didn't look anything like a prison minus the guards walking around and request a 2 hour massage ( for only 12 dollars). One of the best massages I have ever had. The lady massaging me was super sweet...no we didn't get in to the "what are you in here for" conversation but she was very good at giving massages. She even put tiger balm on all my bruises and brought me hot tea at the end of my massage. A really great experience in the end. I finished off the morning by getting lunch at the women's prison (also trains ladies in the food industry) and once again it was a fantastic meal with very pleasant wait staff.

Highly recommend this to anyone heading to Chiang Mai!

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