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Finally another blog post! It's been a couple weeks since I last posted but I will attribute that to lesson planning taking a higher importance on my "to do" list and not procrastination!

I have finally completed my first official week of teaching! Students have been in the hallways for a week now and it sure is good to see the school come alive! I have met and taught all my classes but remembering names will be a major challenge. I have 13 classes of approximately 20 students, all of which wear the same uniform and hat. When they aren't facing me, I have no clue as to who they are! The students in general are very polite and quite adorable. I have learned that kids are kids regardless of the country though! The students Im teaching were born in over 20 different countries. Places such as Australia, Qatar, Thailand, USA, Canada, Korea, Phillipines, Mainland China, and so much more! I am amazed about how worldly these students are!

The first week of teaching went well and I am definitely learning lots day by day. Some challenges that I am facing as a teacher in Macau are the weather (its either stinking hot or pouring rain and there isn't enough indoor spaces to teach in), teaching effectively to ELL (english language learner) students (how do you explain your game effectively to all the students when they don't speak the same language), and that kids are petrified of grass and bugs! I tried to get the kids to sit on the grass so I could talk to them and that was a major challenge! They thought the grass was pokey and there were ants in it! They also didn't want to get their clothes dirty! I need to take these students camping haha!

That being said, I absolutely love the teaching so far! The school is great, the teachers so supportive, and the students really do make me smile! They are very witty! An interesting fact about Chinese students is that many of them have english names for school but some of the names the parents give the kids are very interesting! Stitch, Yo-Yo, Focus, Prince, Barbie, Mercedes, Vegas, Apple, and Dash....just to name a few! Oh, and I am teaching some grade 3 math as well at the school! Somehow my beloved math continues to follow me!

Life outside of school (yes there is a bit of one) is going great as well. I have a fantastic roommate and we tend to do a few things on the weekends such as heading out for a movie, or eating portuguese food. She also makes sure that I don't get lost in this not so very large city! The teachers are also very social after hours...whether its heading out for drinks, a dinner club, book club, or playing squash after work, there is always something going on.

Also, the opportunity to travel here is crazy! I just booked a weekend in Malaysia at a beautiful secluded island called Langkawi. There is 10 teachers going for 3 days! And its going to cost us less then $200! Im thinking the Phillipines and Indonesia are next on the list!

I will try to write my next blog within a week to give you an idea more about the culture and living of Macau! Its quite different here and very unique!

Sending out lots of Macau love to you all!
Miss you :)

PS- did I mention that I got licked 3 times by a grade 1 kids yesterday? Well I did...very unpleasant. We then had a talk about personal bubbles! He thought it was hilarious!

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Great to see that you're settling in. I would have paid to see the 'kidlet' lick you. I can just see you trying to stay professional and composed on the outside and having a big ol' gross out on the inside! LOL! Tell him you have 'cooties' (like all girls).

by Joyanne Mitchell

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